Rayf Shiell - Optical Physics Group, Trent University


I cover a range of courses, often finding that one topic is enriched from understanding another. Curiosity lies at the heart of learning, so I strive to bring to life an anecdote from physicist I.I. Rabi, that as a child he was not so often asked by his parents, “What did you learn at school today?”, but instead, “Did you ask a good question today?” Check out the links below for syllabuses, formula sheets, and some past exams from the courses I've taught at Trent.

PHYS 1000H: Foundations of Physics - Fall 2022
PHYS 4240H: Modern Optics - Fall 2022

PHYS 1001H: Introductory Physics I
PHYS 1002H: Introductory Physics II
PHYS 1510H: Introductory Astronomy I
PHYS 2250H: Electronics
PHYS 2610H: Introductory Quantum Physics
PHYS 2700H: Thermal Physics
PHYS 3200Y: Electricity and Magnetism
PHYS 3610H: Foundations of Quantum Mechanics
PHYS 4050H: Advanced Experimental Techniques
PHYS 4220H: Electromagnetic Theory
PHYS 5900H: Advanced Topics: Molecular Physics
MTSC 6260H: Optics and Optical Properties of Materials
MTSC 6270H: Finite Element Method for Problems in Physics