Rayf Shiell - Optical Physics Group, Trent University

MTSC 6260H: Optics and Optical Properties of Materials

Instructor Information

Rayf Shiell; rayfshiell@trentu.ca, 748 1011 x7023

Course Information

Summary: Light and light sources. Interaction of light with matter: Einstein coefficients and basic laser theory. Absorption and gain, saturation, three and four-level laser systems. Specific laser systems. Nonlinear optics. This course builds upon material from the following pre-requisite courses: PHYS 2620H: Atomic, Molecular and Nuclear Physics (or equivalent); PHYS-COIS 3200Y: Electricity and magnetism; PHYS-MATH 3150H: Partial differential equations.

The syllabus from the last time I prepared this course can be found here.

The final exam for MTSC6260H from academic year 2011-2012 can be found here.