Rayf Shiell - Optical Physics Group, Trent University

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Rayf Prof. Rayf Shiell,
Department of Physics & Astronomy,
Trent University, 1600 West Bank Drive,
Peterborough, ON, K9L 0G2, Canada

T: 1-705-748-1011 x7023
Email: rayfshiell@trentu.ca
Directions to campus can be found here

(You may occasionally see my name spelled ‘Ralph’ – more information here)

Hi, and welcome. My work is a mix of research and teaching, and each bring much joy from what Oscar Wilde termed ‘playing gracefully with ideas.’ Science helps us understand and then make useful predictions about nature, through a combination of curiosity, measurement, openness to different hypotheses, and weighing up of observations. This has spawned remarkable advances, from deep inside the human body to far beyond the Solar System. Check out the links here to read about my particular interests, and for resources from courses I've taught.

skiingrowingIn my free time I head oudoors; hiking, coaching, and playing sports of the season. Here's a chat I had with Clayton Law, Trent student and host of the Naturally Curious podcast, about time both in and out of the lab. Clayton asks great questions!

Research interests Teaching: Fall semester 2022
  • Science: ocular biomechanics
  • Education: integrated testlets, and more
  • My papers, and graduate student theses
  • PHYS 1000H: Foundations of Physics
  • PHYS 4240H: Modern Optics
  • ...and resources from other courses too
  • Fun science links
  • Tips for studying physics
  • Pronunciation etc.