Rayf Shiell - Optical Physics Group, Trent University

PHYS 1000H: Foundations of Physics

Instructor Information

Rayf Shiell; rayfshiell@trentu.ca, 748 1011 x7023

Course information

Summary: A traditional introduction to mechanics for students without high school physics experience. Designed for students seeking to strengthen their physics background in preparation for PHYS 1001H, or those who do not currently intend to pursue further studies in physics. Topics include kinematics (description of motion) and dynamics (causes of motion/forces/Newton’s laws) in one and two dimensions. Concepts are extended to rotational motion, work and energy, momentum, and conservation laws. Time is taken to develop related mathematical skills. Not open to students enrolled in or with credit for PHYS 1001H or 1002H. Not for credit toward a major or minor in Physics.

Here you can find the syllabus and the schedule of class readings for Fall 2022.

You can also find the formula sheet (and in .docx format for easy adapting, etc.)


A final exam can be found here.


A final exam can be found here.


And lastly here are some great science books worth reading for interest.